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Have you received a prostate cancer diagnosis?

Have you received a prostate cancer diagnosis?
If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you are not alone! Dr. David Samadi has shared a lot of important information about prostate cancer on Fox News and is here to help you.

Why is it important o receive a second opinion on a prostate cancer diagnosis?
Your life matters! Watch the following video and call Dr. David Samadi, Urologic Oncology Expert and Robotic Surgeon at (212)365-5000 for a second opinion!

Dr. David Samadi was the only urologic oncologist and urologic surgeon that Edward O’Conner had met

On his research for the best doctor to treat his prostate cancer, he went to every physician in New York. One name kept coming up: Dr. David Samadi. The thing that surprised and reassured Edward was that Dr Samadi is both an urologic surgeon and an urologic onologist. What helped him make up his mind was that he learned that most surgeons did not perform the entire operation, whereas dr. Samadi does – he is there 100% every minute.

Urban Ullman’s prostate surgery was routine procedure

Nobody had cancer in Urban Ullman’s family so he thought he passed the danger. But, one day, his brother was diagnosed with it and treated by Dr. Samadi. Six years ago, when he was also diagnosed, he knew which doctor to choose. He was operated at 9 in the morning and the procedue was routine. After 1 week, he found out the good news: he was free of cancer.

He wanted to be cancer free ASAP, so prostate surgery was the best option

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Carlos Gonzalez was introduced to a robotic prostate surgeon, Dr. David Samadi, and to a doctor specializing in Chemotherapy. He met with Dr. Samadi, but, later on, also with the other doctor. The process of chemotherapy did not appeal to him: it was a long period, almost 9 months, that couldn’t guarantee that he was going to be cancer free at the end and could produce damages to the other organs. After seeing the PSA results, dr. Samadi knew they had to act quickly. He informed Carlos about everything that was going to happen before and after the surgery and the outcome that was expected: a 0 level PSA.

Choosing between surgery and radiation was easy for Vincent LaBarbara

While he was contemplating between surgery and radiation for his prostate cancer, Vincent LaBarbara met with a lot of doctors. It was his wife that made some research and found Dr. David Samadi in New York. Hesitant at first, they finally went due to his wife’s insisting. When they met, his instincts told him he had found his doctor – Dr Samadi made him feel confortable and had an impressive background and track record which he researched beforehand. His confidence that he could treat his disease made him feel safe.

Urinary continence and sexual potency are back to normal after prostate cancer surgery

In January 2018, Ronald was confronted with a very high PSA level and a biopsy that revealed prostate cancer. His sister who is a medically trained nurse suggested to see dr. Samadi. After a routine physical examintion and looking at the test result, he decided that his prostate should be removed. The surgery was a little frightening, but dr. Samadi was very cordial, professional and supportive during the entire process.

5 months after surgery, Winston Thompson has a 0 PSA level

After a 4.0 PSA and a biopsy, Winston Thompson was given the prostate cancer diagnosis. He was told that his options were radiation and sugery and he knew it was the biggest decision he had to take in his life. He made an appointment with dr. Samadi and, after leaving, he knew that dr. Samadi was the doctor he could trust with his own life.

Eric Peterson’s life returned back to normal after prostate cancer surgery

He had his whole life ahead and he knew he wanted to be there for his family in the long run and maintain his quality of life. In these moments, you want the doctor with the best statistics, that has had the highest rate of success. It was pretty clear for Eric that that man was Dr. Samadi. When arriving for his procedures, all the facilities, the rooms and the friendly staff put him at ease. Dr Samadi was able to rid him completely of prostate cancer and make sure that he will not face issues with urinary continence and sexual potency.

Kathy McNew was amazed at how much dr. Samadi cares about his patients

A few hours after filling a form on his website she received an e-mail that she still keeps in her memory: it was Dr. Samadi answering “I will help you”. Never before had she been more surprised by how much a doctor could care about people and their wellbeing.

William McNew was surprised that his life went back to normal after prostate cancer surgery

Unfortunately, his prostate cancer journey began on December 2015. His wife was the one who did the research and send an email to Dr. Samadi with his biopsy and test results. Later on, Dr. Samadi called William at home and explained to him what they need to do in order to make him cancer free. Now, after the surgery, he enjoys life the same way he used to before this terrifying experience began.

Ron Ponella and wife know right away Dr. Samadi will treat his prostate cancer

When he and his wife finally went to the appointment, they felt an immediate connection to his humane side and they knew he was a doctor who truly cared about his patients. They were immediately attracted by the way in which he explained everything about what he does and why he does it and directed them towards the best possible solution

Lyn Ponella decides not to let husband suffer from prostate cancer

Finding out your husband has prostate cancer can be overwhelming, scary and emotional. However, Lyn Ponella was decided not to let her husband suffer from prostate cancer too long.

Documenting the Prostate Cancer Journey

Rudy Carter’s army experience taught him about the three A’s: be available, be approachable and be accessible. Dr. Samadi had all three of those qualities.

5 Years Prostate Cancer-Free, Steven Feldman, 68 y.o from Florida

Thanks to the work of Dr. David Samadi and his team, Steven Feldman from Florida has been free of prostate cancer for 5 years.

Two Years Cancer Free Today! Mark Zilbert’s Prostate Cancer Experience with Dr. David Samadi

Mark has now been 2 years cancer free, thanks to the prostatectomy performed by Dr. David Samadi and his team.
Two Years Cancer Free Today! Mark Zilbert Prostate Cancer Experience with Dr. David Samadi

Winston Stewart – Dr. David Samadi Testimonial

Another prostate cancer success of Dr. Samadi (Thank you note).

Life After Robotic Prostate Surgery

A patient of ours from Toronto Ontario discussed why he traveled From Toronto all the way to New York to have robotic prostate surgery with Dr. David Samadi.

Prostate Surgery Nerve Damage

According to Bill, his father had an enlarged Prostate which prompted him to get his PSA tested starting in his 40’s.

Choosing Prostate Cancer Treatment

Michael, a 51 year old who works in the financial industry talks about how he was diagnosed, the difficulty he had filtering out the excessive and confusing information posted online about treatment options & his prostate cancer journey.

Robotic Prostate Surgery – A Patient’s Perspective – Dr. David Samadi Testimonial

Larry P., a 64 year old patient who underwent robotic prostate surgery with Dr. David Samadi six weeks prior to the making of the video (just before he heads out for a round of golf) goes in to detail about his prostate cancer journey.

Get A PSA Test – It Can Save Your Life – Dr. David Samadi Patient Testimonial

Mr. Lawrence brown, a gentlemen in his early 50’s lets us know why it is of extreme importance to get tested for prostate cancer. A PSA test was the first step in identifying prostate cancer & Dr. David Samadi saved Mr. Brown’s life by removing the cancer with the use of robotic prostate surgery.

He shares his story and explains what it was like to get treated by Dr. Samadi and encourages all African American men to get tested as they are more likely to develop prostate cancer than men of other origins with a higher risk of mortality.

Mark Says ‘Dr. David Samadi Is The Best Prostate Surgeon In The World’

Mark states that the robotic prostate surgery journey with Dr. David Samadi was an incredible experience. A surgeon who not only understands the whole procedure & also someone who can guide a patient through the journey is of utmost importance.

Prostate Cancer Survivor Joe Schrader

Prostate cancer survivor reviews his experience with Dr. David Samadi throughout his entire treatment and recovery. Click on the video above for the entire story.

The “5 Star” Post Surgery Experience Testimonial – Dr. David Samadi Prostate Cancer Center

 Dr. David Samadi’s patented SMART Surgery preserves sexual functionality & urinary control with a 90% cure rate. Tim explains how compassionate Dr. David Samadi & his staff are; not only to the patients but to the family members too. At Dr. David Samadi Prostate Cancer Center, there’s a state of the art beautiful floor dedicated just for prostate cancer patients.
Tim states that he felt as if he was staying at a 5 star hotel suite. There’s sleeping arrangements available for immediate family members of the patients.

Dr. David Samadi Is Efficient & Caring – Robert H. Prostate Cancer Survivor

Robert H. explains how his Urologist did a biopsy and discover that he had prostate cancer. He says ‘the Urologist could’ve done the surgery’ but when asked who the Urologist would go to if he was diagnosed Dr. David Samadi was the first choice.

Efficiency & level of care was something that stood out for Robert H. about Dr. David Samadi’s and his team.
Robert, his wife and family are extremely happy with the outcome of the surgery.

Dr. Samadi provided exceptional service from the first point of contact. (Donald K.)

Donald K. explains how he didn’t believe he could potentially have prostate cancer. He went ahead and got a second test followed by a biopsy. He goes on to explain how he’s not had any signs of prostate cancer whatsoever in the past.
Donald explains how he had no hesitation in deciding to go for surgery for prostate cancer removal with Dr. David Samadi and how professional & articulate Dr. Samadi was with what was to be done.

The professional attitude of each & every staff member and exceptional service from the first point of contact was something Donald & his wife was grateful about.

Painless surgery & amazing aftercare with Dr. David Samadi – Charles F

Charles F. saw his Urologist who found out that his PSA had gone up which made Charles concerned about the sudden spike.
Charles remembered one of his friends discussing how easy it was to work with Dr. David Samadi & his prostate surgery experience.
Charles explains how he was worried about not being able to get an appointment with Dr. Samadi & how easy it was in the end for him to meet with the Doctor.

He explains the steps Dr. David Samadi undertook, how painless the Robotic Prostate Surgery experience was & the aftercare provided.
Charles explains the steps Dr. David Samadi undertook, how painless the Robotic Prostate Surgery experience was & the aftercare provided.

Dr. Samadi’s Patients Share Their Experiences

A cancer survivor shares his experience as a patient under Dr. Samadi’s care.

SMART Surgery Testimonials

Patients and cancer survivors talk about their experience under Dr Samadi’s care.

SMART Robotic Surgery Testimonials 2012

Curtis Sliwa and Dennis Charney talking about prostate cancer and dr David Samadi.

Donald Sosin’s Experience With Da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy

This patient was offered many choices when he was diagnosed with stage 1 prostate cancer. When it came down to radiation or surgery, he chose to remove the cancer, as he didn’t want toxins in his body or any side effects. Robotic surgery was the ideal solution for him as his main concerns were urinary and sexual function, as well as recovery and cure.

Donald was convinced he did the right thing, as he saw no change in his sex life or urinary function. He used a catheter for only one week and only had minimal pain. He took pain killers for a short amount of time and recovered quickly with no side effects. He would advise any prostate cancer patients to get rid of cancer, as it’s unpredictable and every case is different. Greg would definitely do the robotic surgery again but sooner.

Greg Polvere’s Da Vinci Robotic Prostate Surgery Story

This patient discusses his reasons for choosing Da Vinci surgery. He wanted treatment that totally eliminated cancer and he didn’t want side effects. Da Vinci was the most technically exact procedure that got the disease out without side effects. He spoke to other people that got radiation treatment who had experienced tremendous fatigue. Greg did not want to experience that as he is very athletic and fit.

He had a successful surgery, with minimal pain and recovery. He had a catheter for only 5 days, was walking 1-2 miles within a week and back to work within 2 weeks. He advises others who get diagnosed with prostate cancer to do research. Prostate cancer can be cured if caught early and removed, with minimal effect to sexual and urinary function.