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I cured herpes totally. I’m so happy and grateful to Dr Eze , he sent his herbs to my address and I took it for a few days. I could not trace Herpes symptoms and the cold sores and warts died. My doctor told me I don’t have herpes anymore and could not trace it in my blood. To anyone who needs help with herpes cure and other diseases to contact Dr Eze. ezeodogwuherbalhome@gmail.com or WhatsApp +2347018157305

Susan C. | Jul 16, 2024
Several years ago I developed Prostate Cancer and was told by a local doctor that I was too old to have an operation and I would probably die of other causes. I was recommended to Dr. Samadi and he told me about the new robotic surgery system and I opted for it. One day in the hospital and home with mild pain. I am now 92 years old and have not had any issues or complications. Turned out the biopsy the local doctor took was way under reported and Dr. Samadi saved my life for which I am eternally grateful. Tony Bedini 1/16/2024

Tony B. | Jan 16, 2024